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Apr 5th, 2009: Bahamas trip Jan/Feb 2009:
Just can't seem to stay away from this place. January in Abaco can be cold and 2009 was exceptionally cold. Still beat Norway by a handsome margin, which is kinda the point. That and the fish of course.
and here for JUST THE PICTURES
Four random snaps:

en_big_090131-bahamas-abaco-julern-fisk3.html en_big_090202-bahamas-abaco-clouds.html en_big_090127-bahamas-abaco-lagune2.html en_big_090126-bahamas-abaco-julern-tail.html

Dec 16th, 2008: Bahamas trip Nov/Dec 2008:
A quick get-away taking advantage of cheap airfares on Thanksgiving, hoping to shoot some artistic pictures of flat-side Kalik and reels in mangrove bushes. Delayed luggage, broken outboards and cold weather set the tone.
and here for JUST THE PICTURES
Four random snaps:

en_big_081128-bahamas-abaco-dumpa-tail3.html en_big_081205-bahamas-abaco-flat3-fishon.html en_big_081128-bahamas-abaco-dumpa-tail5.html en_big_081201-bahamas-abaco-gloom.html

July 11th, 2008: Bahamas trip February 2008:
Once again, Bahamas is the destination of choice. Lazyness prevents a write-up of the events, but the cameras have yet to go on strike, so a boatload of unsharp and irrelevant images are as usual posted.
and here for JUST THE PICTURES
Four random snaps:

en_big_080222-bahamas-abaco-dumpa-return.html en_big_080215-bahamas-abaco-dumpa-low.html en_big_080304-bahamas-abaco-purka-sko.html en_big_080217-bahamas-abaco-Dumpa-tailers4.html

July 11th, 2008: Bahamas trip fall 2007:
Images from yet another Bahamas trip, this time a whole month of bonefish hunting on the shores of Abaco.
and here for JUST THE PICTURES
Four random snaps:

en_big_071203-Abaco-purka-tailere5.html en_big_071112-Abaco-Purka-kanal4.html en_big_071106-Abaco-Purka-channel3.html en_big_071111-Abaco-Purka-school4.html

March 11, 2007: Bahamas trip February 2007
Images from yet another Bahamas trip, this time five frozen Norwegians invaded the peaceful island of Abaco, and naturally chaoes ensued.
and here for JUST THE PICTURES
Four random snaps:

en_big_070222-Bahamas-Abaco-Dariusz-fisk2-DB.html en_big_070221-Bahamas-Abaco-Dariusz-CJ.html en_big_070220-Abaco-Sandbank-Julern4.html en_big_070220-Bahamas-Abaco-Alfsen-snuser-AF.html

Dec 5th, 2006: Bahamas trip November 2006
A quick get-away for our bonefish-fix during thanksgiving 2006.
and here for JUST THE PICTURES
Four random snaps:

en_big_061127-Bahamas-Abaco-Julern-bone-shark3.html en_big_061127-Bahamas-Abaco-Julern-bone.html en_big_061127-Bahamas-Abaco-Julern-bone2.html en_big_061127-Bahamas-Abaco-Julern-school.html

July 5th, 2006: Bahamas trip March 2006
The annual expedition to Bahamas, in search of big bonefish.
and here for JUST THE PICTURES
Four random snaps:

en_big_060308-Bahamas-Abaco-Figen-fish-outside-DB.html en_big_060306-Bahamas-Abaco-Dariusz-med-fisk2-CJ.html en_big_060309-Bahamas-Abaco-smiley.html en_big_060305-Bahamas-Abaco-Dariusz-solnedgang-CJ.html

February 25th, 2004: Bahamas trip February 2004
Our first real DIY trip as a group, hitting up the Abaco coastline in search of dumb oversized bonefish.
and here for JUST THE PICTURES
Four random snaps:

en_big_040222-Bahamas-Abaco-Purka-Dariusz.html en_big_040216-Bahamas-Abaco-Purka-Figen-kjorer-DB.html en_big_040221-Bahamas-Abaco-Purka-Julern-Sunset.html en_big_040215-Bahamas-Abaco-Dumpa.html

February 25th, 2004: Bahamas weekend getaway November 2003
More on a whim than anything, I took a quick trip to Abaco, hoping to locate bonefish by blind luck rather than research and skill. Sometimes, the fishing gods are in good mood.
and here for JUST THE PICTURES
Four random snaps:

en_big_031105-Bahamas-Abaco-Dumpa-bone-UW.html en_big_031105-Bahamas-Abaco-Purka-figen_bone.html en_big_031105-Bahamas-Abaco-Purka-bone5-UW.html en_big_031105-Bahamas-Abaco-Dumpa-flat.html

March 11th, 2007: Another trip to the flats of Abaco, Bahamas.
and here for JUST THE PICTURES

Dec 5th, 2006: Another weekend on the flats of Abaco, Bahamas. PICTURES

18. July, 2006: New trip to the Bahamas. PICTURES HERE

February 25th, 2004: Ok, this homepage is and will obviously stay hopelessly outdated. However, here are some pictures:

Bahamas'2004    Pictures hot off the press, from February 2004. Dariusz, Julern and myself now live on three different continents, but we had a little reunion on the Bahamas in pursuit of bonefish, on a DIY basis. Some bad luck with the weather, and no big ones landed (close though!), but still a good trip.
Bahamas'2003    As the winter started to settle in here in November, I decided to go on a weekend trip to the Bahamas. No guide, just on a whim off inspired by some internet reports I found, the table was set for a major failure.. or not!
Mexico'2003    Dariusz and me in Mexico, again on the hunt for bones. This is highly addictive! Good trip, Dariusz got a monster (for Mexico)!
Laerdal'2002    Salmon and sea-trout fishing, in one of the most beautiful and reputed rivers of Norway, Laerdal. Dariusz, Morten and myself on a weekend frenzy. Too bad Dariusz caught all the fish...
Trysil'2002    Another trout trip to the Trysil river, timed to hit the Ephemera Danica hatch. I suck at trout fishing.
Mexico'2002    Time for another bonefish expedition. Julern was busy with his exams (haha), so it was Dariusz and me this time. We had amazingly bad luck with the weather, and only fished two of our six days there..
New Zealand'2002    The easy thing about going to New Zealand from Norway, is that it doesn't matter which way you fly. NZ is on the exact opposite side of the earth from Norway, yet I went for one day of fishing.. (well, fishing wasn't the primary purpose of the trip)..
North Norway '2001    The annual sea-trout trip to north of Norway.
Rauma'2001    Julern and I on sea-trout fishing in the absolutely stunning river of Rauma. What a river, and what a sea-trout!
Trysil'2001    Trout fishing in Trysil 2001. The usual mix of Danica hatch, whisky and lack of skills..
- News in short -
Another trip report: Bonefishing in Mexico 2001

October, 30th., 1999: Another update! (Hey, that's twice in one year!!) I hacked together an English version of our bone fishing trip to Mexico earlier this year. However, it is very long-winded and less-than-eventful in terms of fishing. Consider yourself warned!
Speaking of hacking things together, my image search-engine is now available through an English interface, and naturally, I added some new pictures as well.. .. Well, cya again in a year or so? :-)

January, 30th., 1999: English version on-line.

Mexico 1999 Mexico'99   [last updated: October, 30th., 1999]
Fed up with the Norwegian winter, the prospects of sea-trout fishing in the fjords didn't appeal much to Julern nor myself this year. We wanted summer, we wanted sun, we wanted to flyfish. The answer was obvious: We emptied our savings accounts and set course for Mexico, detirmed to empty this exotic country of both bonefish and tequila. [More...]

Image search Pictures..   [last updated: October, 30th., 1999]
Had some free time on my hands, so I hacked together an English version of my search-engine for my fishing pictures. Murphy and stupid law didn't apply, so it appears to be working. There should be around 180 images available. Btw, don't get your hopes up, they are mostly crap. :-( [More...]

Familietur 1998 Family Vacation 1998    [last updated: January, 30th., 1999]
The annual vacation with the family, once again with our secret honey hole up in Nordland as the primary destination, at least in terms of fishing.. Last year was a big success (not available in English), could we pull it off again? [More...]

Driva, vill og vakker!Driva, a breathtaking river!    [last updated: January, 30th., 1999]
After a few days fishing for sea trout in Surna, we headed for its neighbor river Driva. A beautiful river in a spectacular scenery, famous for its big sea trout. A perfect match for the two of us..

Surna, the revenge!Surna, the revenge!    [last updated: January, 30th., 1999]
Following our failure early July, we were determined to settle the score with Surna. Forget all about the non-existent salmon, August can only mean one thing: night fishing for sea trout! [More...]

Nye bilder fra Trysil!Trout fishing in Trysilelva    [last updated: January, 30th., 1999]
Julern and myself joined our friends from the local fly fishing club, for a few days of fishing the Trysil river (Trysilelva). We were hoping to time our fishing with the hatch of our biggest mayfly: The Ephemera Danica. [More...]

Tur til SurnaSalmon fishing in Surna   [last updated: January, 30th., 1999]
The first week of July, we got our spey rods out and headed for Surna, going after the king of all fish: The Atlantic Salmon. Early July should offer both small and medium sized fish, and the occasional big one. [More...]


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