A brief introduction of myself

Hi! My name is Christian Figenschou, and I'm a 23 year old fly fisher from Norway.

This page will mainly be about fly fishing. I have a homepage at, and you can probably find some personal info there, depending on the mode I was in on my latest update..

I got my first flyrod in 1991, but with no friends or family seriously into fly fishing, and me being too stupid to take casting lessons, I didn't really get hooked until 1993, when beginners luck prevailed, and I caught my first real fish on a selftied fly (a 2.5 pound whitefish). From that point on, my spinning gear was obsolete.

Much like everyone(?) elses, my favorite type of fly fishing is the dry fly in moving water. However, after this season, I'll put night fishing for sea-trout right up there.. The darkness really adds to the feeling. Of course, I might just be saying that because last season, I finally broke my old (spinning gear) record, and landed a 6.5lbs sea trout.. A memory to cherrish for years to come!

I also prefer big rivers and long casts. Most claim you catch most of the fish within 40 feet - well, see if I care.. If I were to measure my enjoyment of fly fishing in caught fish, I would be miserable. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

My primary targets are fish of the salmon specie, mainly salmon, trout, sea trout and grayling. And of course char as well, if the opportunity arrises. Living in Norway usually means a relatively short season of fishing, with the main period being from June throughout August.
Grayling fishing is however decent (if not at its top) in the months of September and October. And the sea trout in the fjords are catchable the whole year around, but with the temperatures around here, I rarely give it a shot until March at its earliest.

I'm not a great fan of fly tying, but with our long winter, quite a few hours are spent by the vice. Being a klutz, my flies always end up ugly looking, but still, fishing with flies made my others would somehow feel very wrong, .

I also find the ethical concept of C&R interesting, and I'm basically all for it (of course, in contrast to the debate of ethical principles, the element of common sense applies in practice..). I should also add that I C&K more than I release.


Speykastende luring

I look smart when it's dark

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