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Silver Zulu


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Type your query into the box above, press enter, and wait for server to blow up. A blank/empty search gives you all images. You may also choose from the sub-menus of Fishing Trips and Photographer. Most stuff should be easy to figure out.
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The data isn't structured or very relevant to the pictures. You're on your own. Sorry. (AND NOT OR stuff works btw)
Why it sucks so much
I write fast captions for my images, primarily to make them go along with the related story. The captions are rather useless for searching. Lately, I've started to write VERY hasty English captions as well. I can't spell. But it's better than nothing. Maybe.
Blah,blah,blah that noone reads anyway:
This is an ugly English-version hack, based on my Norwegian search engine for my images. I was too stupid to consider future English versions when writing the original. And I'm too lazy to rewrite it properly, hence the fast hack to make the basics work in an English version. It does work, but it isn't very user friendly. It sucks to the extent of being downright embarrassing to make available on the net, but if only one measly person finds it somewhat useful, it's all worth it.. Hope you like it! Tight Lines!

23rd. of october, 1999. Christian Figenschou <>.